Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our AMAZING Wedding!

Ross and Sandi’s wedding was AMAZING!!! I know people say that all the time but it really was the most wonderful day ever. Everything was just so nice. We had a really special time in the Temple and then from there on it was just fun, fun, fun! We had a wonderful luncheon at the church and then a very beautiful reception at Town Hall. It was so fun to watch Ross and Sandi watch each other. I love how they look at one another. So now for the pictures I know that is what you want to see anyway…

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Homecoming 09

I am feeling very old. Look at these kids, who do they belong to? They look like very grown up versions of my kids but surly they can't be mine. Really homecoming was a blast this year. Bridger and Madi ended up going in the same group and had a really good time together. They boys went all out and made sure it was a night the girls will never forget. Madison went with Cole Owens and Bridger went with Madison Busenbark.

Another fun activity of home coming is the powder puff football game. Madi had so much fun playing and made the only interception of the game for her team. She wasn't scared of the ball she just reached up and caught it. I told her it looked like she was going after a softball. (All those softballs to the face finally paid off. LOL) Here are some fun pics. of my very feminine little girl with her friend Rachelle, her grandma, and Jordan. What a Girl!

Check out Grandmas Muscles. She has been working out but we think the Tat is a little over the top!


WOW, we are down to one week until the wedding!!! Yikes I can't believe it. I am soooo excited. There is just something wonderful about knowing your child has found the perfect person for them. It is so fun to watch them together. My favorite thing is the way there eyes look when they smile at each other. It is so sweet to watch my ruff and tumble son who would rather wrestle you then look at you, treat Sandi with so much love and tenderness. She brings out the very best in him and I love her so much for that, (and a million other reasons!!!) I have always looked forward to having daughter-in-laws and Sandi is everything a mother could want for her son. I know I have said this already but THEY ARE PERFECT!!! Can't wait for Oct 16!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Ross officially proposed to Sandi Tobler on Saturday June 6th. And guess what... SHE SAID YES!!! Some of you may be a little surprised at this bit of news but none of us here are. I think I knew from the first time I saw her that she was the girl my son would marry. She is absolutely perfect. She is a kindergarten teacher and works at Sandstone Elem. She is pretty, sweet, fun and absolutely ADORABLE. The best part of all is that she and Ross share that same fun sense of humor and she just gets him. If you know Ross at all you know what I am talking about.

I know some people think this engagement came really fast but it is so right between them. You can't be in the same room with them and not feel it. I am so excited for them. I can't imagine anything more wonderful then knowing your child has found the person that will make them happy forever. Do I sound like I am gushing... well I am, but it is because I am so happy for them both. I know Ross hasn't been home long but I am so grateful for the gift that these two are to each other.

So everybody set aside October 16 because that is the day they will be sealed in the St. George Temple. We will need you all there to make it a truly joyful day.

Got to go I am floating away from my computer, on cloud 9 LOL.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Fackler Kids!!!

Here are the Fackler Kids (and yes we count Jorden as a Fackler!) I really wanted to get these done before Austin leaves. We are really down to the count down now...5 days left. I am so excited and yet it makes me so sad to think of him leaving it about kills me. I have got to get braver I guess. Anyway here they are Bridger, Darby, Madison, Ross, Jorden and Austin.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All Is Well

Austin and Angela worked things out and all was great before he left so I have to put some of these pictures back on my blog.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sorry it has taken me so long to get these on line but life has been crazy. Ross got in one hour late on Tuesday which was a killer. It was pretty nice that he flew into St. George because there are no gates. They just get off the plane and walk into the airport. So we got to watch his plane land and unload. He stepped off the plane and looked over at the door and waved, from there on I was gone. I have never felt anything like that moment. When he stepped in the door I put my arms around him and just couldn't believe how it felt. My little boy was finally home. The only problem is he is so grown up. It isn't that he isn't the same Ross, he is just really grown up. I didn't realize how much I missed him until he was home. It was so fun to stand back and watch each child hug him. Having our family all back is wonderful !!!

It was so fun when we all loaded in the car and we drove away from the airport with our whole family in the van. I also loved the next morning when I woke up and could hear Ross and Darby in the kitchen talking together. It was just so good to hear his voice. Everyone of us love having him around but Darby loves it the very most. I just feel so blessed to have him home and back under my roof.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I can't believe it is finally here. Ross will be home in 1! day. I couldn't sleep last night it was like Christmas eve all over again. The worst is that I still have one more night. I can't believe how much I have missed that kid. I am so excited to see how much he has grown and changed and yet I hope he is just the same. So here we go let the countdown begin!!!