Monday, September 29, 2008

Just a question when we use to say Blah Blah Blah, do we now say Blog Blog Blog?

Anyway this is our Blog and as you can tell we call our selves the Fackpack not to be confused with the Ratpack (but if you went in to certain children's bedrooms you might be.) We are a family of seven but always on the look out for more. In fact we have recently made our latest addition. Jorden Gary moved in with us about a month ago. One more teenage boy really doesn't make much difference in this house. We lovingly call him the new Ross since Ross is serving a mission in California.

In my 21+ years of being a mom to boys I have learned a few things. Things like... if you want to eat it later don't leave it in the fridge. If you want to breath don't make chili and if you want to offer comfort don't do it after they lose a football game. Boys play harder, sleep deeper and stink more then any other animal on the earth including the sloth to which they are closely related. Yet even the loudest, stinkiest boy has his charm. There is nothing like looking at the world through the eyes of a 7 to 9 year old boy. The magic is everywhere. Trees are not just roots and branches but space ships, pirate ships, forts and an all encompassing rain forest complete with monkeys. Sidewalks never end and dirt is a gift from the Gods. They see an adventure waiting at the rising of each sun and although they fight sleep they look forward to meeting there best friends, Peter Pan and Godzilla once they get there.

No food ever has enough chocolate in it. No dish of ice cream is ever big enough. And they have never seen a hamburger they couldn't wrap there mouth around. I am always amazed at the things that show up in my washer when washing boys clothes. Spare change, gum wrappers, toy cars, old nails, rubber bands, report cards and worms to name a few. When each of these items are retrieved they are looked at as a lost treasures and immediately returned to a pocket to visit me again on the next wash day ( well maybe not the report card, that hopefully has been washed blank.)

Boys live life to the fullest, be that good or bad. It is not surprising to me that in the same day I can have a mother show up to tell me my son gave her son a bloody nose and then latter find that same boy trying to tenderly bandage his little sisters knee. It would be nothing new to hear boys yelling in the morning, swearing they hate each other and then find those same boys sitting side by side watching cartoons that afternoon. Boys love sweeter, hate deeper, and dream bigger. They fill the world with wonder, mayhem, noise and messes. Each one can make you mad or fill you with laughter just by a facial expression. And it is with a thankful heart I say no two are exactly alike. Boys are the meanest, sweetest, wildest, tenderest creatures that God saw fit to place on this earth and I am eternally grateful for the 3 plus 1 I have the pleasure of raising. What a gift!!!