Monday, November 3, 2008

Look out Mexico Here He Comes

It is here, Austin's call came last Saturday of all the crazy days. We had permission from Ross's Mission President to call him when we opened it so we had to wait until after 10pm so he would be home. We all took a guess of where we thought he would go. We guessed any where from Brazil to Japan and his dad said Iowa. So then we had the big reveal and guess what... it is the Mexico City North Mission where Austin will be spending the next 2 years of his life. He leaves on March 4th and will go to the MTC in Provo first. We are all surprised but excited for him. Austin will be an amazing missionary he has a real gift of drawing people to him. He is already working on his Spanish trying to brush up from High School and has several people at work talking to him in Spanish. I am so glad we will have a few months with Ross and Austin home together. I am excited to have both of my boys home under the same roof for a while.