Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a boy wants

What A Boy Wants
By Cindy Fackler

When You were three you would always say,
"I want to be that guy.

The one that rides the horses and can let his lasso fly.
I want to ride the rodeo, I want a gun and boots.
I want to be a cowboy mom, I think it would be a hoot."

When you were eight you would always say,
"I want to be that guy.

The one that rides in BMX and can flip his bike so high.
I love the feel of freedom as the wind blows in my face.
I want to be a biker mom, I know I could win the race."

When you were sixteen you would always say,
"I want to be that guy.

The one that wins the tournament and makes the girls all sigh.
I need the feel of victory, I'll pin the others flat.
I want to be a wrestler mom, and live life on the mat..."

Then your soul turned to heaven
and a tear escaped your eye.

"I need to know my brother, the one that died for me.
I want to be a missionary mom, I have felt it on my knees."

And so you will go and serve him, you must find those wondering ones.
You have the courage to teach them you are one of his valiant sons.

Go forth with a virtuous spirit and spread the gospel light.
This is the man I felt you could be, I knew you would choose the right!

If a picture speaks a thousand words then this one says "Pure Joy!" Have you ever seen such a look of love in a face as the face of this little boy. This is why I sent my son on a mission. This is the reason I could let him go for two long years. It has not been an easy thing to do but there are not words to tell you of the blessings we have had in our home because of our sons service.

Ross will be home on Jan. 6 2009 (just under 3 mo.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Kids 1

OH Miss Madi!!!

Ok I don't ever remember giving my daughter permission to grow up but none the less she has done it anyway. She was invited last weekend to a semi formal dance for her friends sweet 16 birthday party. Much to her fathers dismay this dance included...... well boys and dancing and a very hot dress. Poor Kevin it is just more then his poor heart can take to see his little girl turning into a very pretty young women. He is more then happy that she is running cross country and that she just made the swim team. No one could be prouder of her good grades but when she walked out in her dress and high heels it was all over. Poor guy the only person worse then her dad was her brother Austin who told her she wasn't leaving the house and went so far as to stand in front of the door. So the really sassy picture you see was taken just for her dad and her brothers. And yes we will send one to Ross!