Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's A New Little Fackler On The Way!

I don't think there are words to tell how excited we are to hear that we are on our way to being Grandparents!!!  We are going to be Nonnie and Papa Fackler!!!  (thanks Scott family for the great names)
The only people more excited then Ross, Sandi, Kevin and I are Madi and Darby who can't wait to be Aunts! What a happy thing to see our family grow.  Hurry little one and get here we can't wait to hug and kiss you!
Dec. 28, 2010 is the day!


Thueson Family :) said...

That is WONDERFUL!!! Congrats to all of you!! :) Keep the updates comin!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I sure wish I had their address or phone numbers or even email. I'd love to let them know how happy I am.

Andrew and Angel had their boy, Jonathan,two weeks ago; Seth and Christine's baby is a boy and due September 16th; and your little one will make me a great grandmother for the 7th time. I sure wish I could see more of them all, more of the time.

BreAnna is the only girl unless yours is a girl. Can't wait to find out!! But there is so much excitement with the very first baby in the next generation. You'll make such super grand parents and you are so young you can really have fun with them. Love, Gramma Fackler